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General Terms and Conditions

Arrival Departure
As contractually agreed, you have the opportunity to receive your holiday home from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on your arrival day. If you arrive after 5 p.m., please let us know by telephone and provide information about your expected arrival. On your departure day, you have the opportunity to leave your holiday home by 9.30 a.m. at the latest. If the departure time is exceeded by more than 30 minutes and has not been agreed, this will result in an additional overnight stay being charged, with no entitlement to further accommodation in this holiday home. Other arrival and departure times can be agreed individually with the landlord. If the tenant does not show up by 10 p.m. on the day of arrival, the contract is considered terminated after a period of 24 hours without notification to the landlord. The landlord or his representative can then freely dispose of the property. There will generally not be a (proportionate) refund of the rent due to early departure.

Special requests and side agreements
are fundamentally possible. They require written confirmation from the landlord. Please inquire about the type and size of pets.

The rental agreement becomes valid upon receipt of the deposit on the landlord's account. The deposit of approximately 25% of the rental amount is due within seven days of signing the rental agreement. After the deposit has been made, payment of the remaining amount is due 30 days before departure. If the payment deadlines are not met, the landlord can withdraw from the contract without having to make a (pro-rata) repayment. Non-payment is considered a withdrawal and entitles you to re-rental. Any additional costs incurred during your stay will be paid on the day of departure.

You can withdraw from the contract at any time.
The withdrawal must be made in writing. In the event of withdrawal, you are obliged to compensate us for the damage caused to us:
• from the day the booking is confirmed by the landlord until the 70th day before the start of the rental period, the amount of the deposit
• from the 69th day to the 55th day before the start of the rental period 50% of the total price
• from the 54th day to the 30th day before the start of the rental period 80% of the total price
If you cancel less than 30 days before the start of the rental, the full travel price must be paid. The date of receipt of your cancellation message counts. You can provide a replacement person who will enter into your contract under the stated conditions. A written notification is sufficient. In your interest, we recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance.


COVID-19 regulations
As soon as entry into Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is no longer possible due to the closure of the state borders, guests who have not arrived are entitled to a voucher in the amount of the deposit paid or the opportunity to postpone their booking to another possible period. However, entry should generally be possible, but if you live in a risk area and are therefore not allowed to travel, you are no longer entitled to any reimbursement, as it is always possible to take out travel cancellation insurance, which also includes Corona (e.g. Hansemerkur).

Obligations of the tenant
The tenant undertakes to treat the rented items (holiday home, inventory and outdoor areas) with care. If damage to the holiday home and/or its inventory and/or the outdoor facilities occurs during the rental agreement, the tenant is obliged to report this to the landlord immediately. Defects and damage discovered upon arrival must be reported to the landlord immediately, otherwise the tenant will be liable for this damage. Claims arising from complaints that are not reported immediately on site are excluded. Complaints that are only received by the landlord at the end of the stay or after leaving the holiday home are also excluded from compensation. On the day of departure, the tenant must remove personal belongings, dispose of household waste in the designated containers, and store dishes in the kitchen cupboards, clean and washed.

data protection
The tenant agrees that necessary personal data will be stored, changed and/or deleted as part of the contract concluded with him. All personal data is treated with absolute confidentiality.

The tender was created to the best of our knowledge. We are not liable for any influence on the rental property due to force majeure caused by normal power and water outages and storms. Likewise, no liability is assumed if unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances occur, such as: B. official orders, sudden construction sites or disruptions caused by natural and local events. However, the landlord is happy to help resolve the problems (as far as possible). The landlord is not liable for the use of the play and sports equipment provided.
The tenant's arrival and departure is his or her own responsibility and liability. The landlord is not liable for personal items in the event of theft or fire. The tenant is fully liable for intentional destruction or damage.


Final provisions
Photos and text on the website or in the flyer serve to provide a realistic description. 100 percent compliance with the rental property cannot be guaranteed. The landlord reserves the right to make changes to the furnishings (e.g. furniture) provided they are of equal value.
If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions are or become invalid, this will not affect the effectiveness of the remaining conditions. The ineffective regulation must be replaced by an effective one that comes closest to the economic and legal will of the contracting parties.
German law applies. The place of jurisdiction and place of performance is the landlord’s place of residence.


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